Dr. Kanter is currently the Technical Director of Global Dairy Platform and oversees research and technical initiatives for the GDP organization, which serves as a collaborative hub for many of the leading companies in the global dairy sector.  Previously, Dr. Kanter was the Executive Director of the Egg Nutrition Center under American Egg Board where he directed over 75 basic and clinical research studies at various academic institutions.  Dr. Kanter was also the Chief Science Officer of Food Minds Inc, one of the leading think tanks in the area of food and nutrition science. 

More than 10 years ago, Dr. Kanter published a key article titled “The potential of nutrigenomics/personalized nutrition”and he was one of the first scientists to advocate the concept of personalized nutrition. 

DrKanter Life Science Limited was founded by Dr. Kanter to advocate and practice his concept of personalized nutrition to help enhance people’s health and improve their life quality.